Syncing Eventbrite Attendees to Hubspot Lists

When syncing Eventbrite with HubSpot, the most common use case is to add a Contact in HubSpot to a List based on an Event that the Contact signed up for in Eventbrite. Usually customers like to setup lists for each event showing who attended, or who did not attend. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to set this up within your Bedrock portal. 

Step 1: Create Static List(s) in HubSpot for Each Event

While usually you want to create Smart Lists in HubSpot to dynamically add contacts to a List, for the purposes of Bedrock's integration we need the list to be a Static List. Here is a help article from HubSpot if you are not familiar with how to create Lists in their system. In this example we created a list called "Eventbrite ABC Event - Attended" because we want to track those that attended our ABC Event.

Step 2: Setup Your Event Workflows in Bedrock

For each Event, you'll create a Workflow in your Bedrock portal. Click on the Workflow tab and then click on Add a Workflow. 

Here is what the Workflow should look like: 

  • "IF" statement should be set to ALL 
  • Connector you are selecting is Eventbrite and record will be the Attendee record
  • Choose Event Name and 'Contains' for your first rule and enter in the Event Name (i.e. ABC) 
  • Click on the "+" to add another rule and this time select the Status field and say 'Contains' Attended (or Not Attended depending on what you are tracking with this Workflow) 
  • Check the Sync box and also the "hubspot: add to list" box and select the appropriate Static List you setup in step 1 above

Here is what this Workflow should look like when you are finished:

Step 3: Map Event Name and Status fields in your Contact Mapping 

The contact mapping is an additional option which allows you to save data to your contact records in HubSpot that you bring over from the contact data collected in Eventbrite.

To setup your contact mapping, click on the Mapping tab in Bedrock and go to the Contact Mapping. Here you'll see your basic fields for contacts such as First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.

For the purposes of this process, we want to make sure that the fields we are using in our Workflows are also mapped. Here is what the field mappings look like once you have them setup: 

That’s it, now you’ve set up your rules to both add Eventbrite attendees to a list in HubSpot, and push the data captured on Eventbrite contacts to HubSpot. 

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