Netsuite Connector Technical Specifications

The following article discusses:

I. How to authorize Netsuite

II. Adding saved searches

III. Objects included in your NetSuite warehouse

I. Authorizing NetSuite

The NetSuite bundle contains SuiteScript files which allow Bedrock Data to access NetSuite's REST API. To install the NetSuite bundle, please follow the instructions below. Prior to installing the Fusion-NetSuite connector, you will need to install the NetSuite "suitelet" with the bundle id of 237668. Link  here.

1. Login to your NetSuite instance. From the NetSuite navigation bar, select Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List.

2. Enter "bedrock data" in the "Keywords" box. Click "Search" to locate the Bedrock Data bundle. Locate the Bedrock Data Fusion bundle.

3. Click on the name "Bedrock Data Sync" then click "Install" on the Bundle Details screen. Confirm any pop-ups or prompts.

4. Mouse over the green icon on the left side, and click “Update”.

5. On the next screen, make sure the drop down says “Update Deployments”, and click “Update Bundle”.

5. A popup will display. Click “OK”

6. After installing, check the connection. 

II. Saved Searches

Now you can add saved searches, which you will have to do individually, as these will add a new table to Fusion.

1. During authorization, you can add a Saved Search in the Fusion UI. Add your: 
  • Company ID
  • Email
  • Password
  • Saved Search ID. 

Important: Make sure that the saved search ID is from the ID column,  not the Internal ID.

2. Click Add Item.

3. Click Submit.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all saved searches you would like to add to your Fusion warehouse.

III. Objects Included in Your Fusion Warehouse

Below are some of supported Netsuite objects along with their assigned  Fusion Object

NetSuite Object Fusion Object
account Company
charge Order
department List
discountItem Product
inventoryItem Product
markupItem Product
message Activity
nonInventorySaleItem Product
note Activity
paymentItem Product
serializedInventoryItem Product
servicePurchaseItem Product
serviceSaleItem Product
subtotalItem Product
workOrder Order
vendorPayment Order
vendorBill List
vendor Company
task Activity
supportCase Ticket
subsidiary Company
salesOrder Order
returnAuthorization Activity
purchaseOrder Order
phoneCall Activity
opportunity Opportunity
journalEntry Activity
invoice Order
inventoryAdjustment Activity
interCompanyTransferOrder Order
inventoryCostRevaluation Activity
estimate Activity
employee Owner
deposit Activity
customer Owner
creditMemo Activity
campaign Campaign
cashSale Activity
cashRefund Activity
calendarEvent Activity

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