Jira Connector Technical Specifications

Objects Fusion Reads

Below are the list of supported Jira objects along with their assigned  Fusion Object

Jira Object Fusion Object
application_role n/a
audit_record n/a
dashboard n/a
filter n/a
issue Ticket
notification_scheme n/a
priority n/a
project n/a
project_category n/a
project_role n/a
project_type n/a
resolution n/a
screen n/a
status n/a
status_category n/a
workflow n/a

For more information about these Jira objects, visit Jira's Developer API at https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/

Rate Limits

  • Call limit: 500 requests per 5 minutes
  • Concurrency Limits: 10 concurrent requests

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