API Errors: Zoho "You do not have the permission to edit this record"

This error will either appear in your Dashboard's activity feed or in your  Transaction Report

Error Message Example

403 Forbidden / 401.2: You do not have the permission to edit this record or the "id" value you have given is invalid. / {}

This error from Zoho can have two meanings. 

  1. Meaning #1 - The user that is authenticating the Bedrock Zoho Connector may not have full writing permissions within your Zoho settings.  Refer to this Zoho article to learn more about how to manage your user permissions.
  2. Meaning #2 - It can also mean that the record has been removed from Zoho and therefore can no longer be written to. 

We often find that Meaning #2 is the most common reason for this error since most of our customers have full admins setup in the Zoho Connector settings. 

How to Resolve 

If the issue appears to be user permissions related, then simply adjust the permissions of the user authenticating Bedrock and that should resolve this error going forward. 

If it is because the record had been deleted out of Zoho then you may not necessarily need to take any further actions to resolve. If you removed the record from Zoho, it was likely due to a specific reason and may not want to have it added back in from the other system. However, there will likely come a time when you want to  run a reset for your Bedrock integration. This process will remove the historical record from Bedrock and therefore freeing up the record from your other system to sync back over if it passes one of your Workflow rules. To avoid this from happening, we recommend putting in place a process such as the one we outline in this help article

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