What are links tables?


Fusion's links tables form relationships between different fused objects (Contact, Company, Opportunity, List, Event, Owner, Ticket, Activity, Product, Order). They function a lot like a primary key in that they match objects from different tables. But in many ways, the links tables are much more powerful since they create many-to-many relationships that span across cloud applications. 

Say Jane Doe exists in both HubSpot and Salesforce. Meaning both connectors will have her in their raw records. Both HubSpot and Salesforce have data about the Company she’s worked at, and so they combine that information into a Fused Company table. And likewise, the same thing goes for her Contact information. That also goes into a Fused Contacts table. Using the Links Company Contacts table, you could now return a report with all the data that relates to Jane Doe from both connectors. 

This is not something you can do natively, in either HubSpot or Salesforce. Nor is it something you could do by exporting data or reading their APIs unless you did a whole lot of data prep. All the data about Jane Doe, and customers like her, is a million-fold more accessible and easier to work with. All the data about her is standardized and up-to-date.

Naming Conventions

The links tables are easy to spot. All follow a basic structure of "links_"+"{fused object 1}"+"{fused object 2}". For example:

    • links_activity_ticket
    • links_company_contact
    • links_contact_opportunity

How to Use the Links Tables

Links tables must be used with fused tables to do anything. To join tickets and contacts from multiple systems, you'd need to reference both the links tables and fused tables for both the Ticket and Contact objects. For example:

JOIN links_contact_ticket ON fused_ticket.ticket_id = links_contact_ticket.ticket_id
JOIN links_company_contact ON links_contact_ticket.contact_id = links_company_contact.contact_id
JOIN fused_company ON fused_company.company_id = links_company_contact.company_id<br>

The power in the links tables is the ability to view an account’s entire experience with your company.

Campaigns & Contacts

Currently Fusion supports the Campaign object for Marketo, NetSuite, and Salesforce.

If Marketo and Salesforce were your systems, you could join campaigns and contacts by using the links tables. In Marketo, there is a relationship between the Program / Program Membership with a Contact record, which also resides in Salesforce. The magic of the links tables is in relating major objects common to both Marketo and Salesforce so you can join them easily. 

SELECT * FROM fused_contact JOIN fused_campaign links_campaign_contact ON contact_id;

And a third JOIN would return the campaign data itself.

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