Freshdesk Connector Technical Specifications

Objects Fusion Reads

Freshdesk Object Fusion Object
ticket Ticket
contact Contact
agent Contact
role* n/a
group* n/a
company Company
discussion_category* n/a
solution_category* n/a
survey* n/a
survey_question* n/a
satisfaction_rating* n/a
time_entry Activity
email_config* n/a
product* n/a
business_hour* n/a

* These Freshdesk objects Fusion still includes in your data warehouse. Below is a brief explanation of the object types.

role: allow you to create special privileges and profiles specifying what an agent can see and do within your Freshdesk support portal. These roles help you classify your team into different sections and assign them capabilities so that they get to do what they need to on their helpdesk, without getting in each other's way. They are especially useful for larger teams where there are different groups of employees trying to handle different things.

group: organize your agents into different groups so they could focus on one kind of problem, and get to know the solutions and customers better. 

discussion_category: discussions enable your customers to help each other by enabling them to communicate with each other to ask questions, share ideas, and learn from each other. You can also gather critical feedback on what your customers like and dislike, what they'd like you to add and what they'd like you to change from discussion forums. Furthermore, if a critical issue or idea is raised in the community, you can convert it into a ticket and get your team to work on it right away. (Categories provide support across multiple products. You can choose to only show certain forum categories pertaining to a specific product in that product's portal.)

solution_category: An effective knowledge base solves two of the biggest help desk problems. First, since all agents have a common place to pool in and share solutions, you can be sure that customer responses are consistent throughout. Second, since customers can access and help themselves to solutions, they feel more confident about your business. And all the while, your support load reduces. For better clarity, the Freshdesk knowledge base is categorized into a three level hierarchy - top level Categories that hold related Folders and Solution Articles inside each folder.

survey: The Customer Satisfaction Survey is a built-in feature in Freshdesk that can be used to directly measure helpdesk efficiency and customer satisfaction with every support ticket. Every time you resolve a ticket on your helpdesk, you could choose to send out the survey to your customers asking them how their experience was during the issue.

survey_question: questions affiliated with the survey

satisfaction_rating: Every response to a customer satisfaction survey is recorded as a satisfaction rating. These ratings are used to generate a customer satisfaction report that you can use to see which of your agents have received the most number of happy ratings, and who hasn't been very helpful to your customers. This can help you in defining metrics in your support process more clearly and in training future support people based on results from the past.

email_config: for more info on email config fields, read Freshdesk's API documentation here.

product: If you offer multiple products, you can have a separate support portal for each product. You can give these portals different URLs and hide irrelevant forums and solution articles by restricting access to specific categories but have agents support all these products from a single helpdesk.

business_hour: Business Hours refer to the working hours of your company. When configured, anything outside your working hours will not be timed by Freshdesk. You can specify working hours for weekdays and weekends, as well as include a list of holidays on which your company will be closed.

Rate Limits

From 1000/hr to 5000/hr depending on plan. The number of API calls per hour is based on your plan. This limit is applied on an account wide basis irrespective of factors such as the number of agents or IP addresses used to make the calls.

Sprout 1000
Blossom 3000
Garden 3000
Estate 5000
Forest 5000


100 records per page.

API Call Usage By Object 

Object API Calls Estimated Time Building Warehouse
All 1 Call / 30 records ~1hr / 100,000 records*

*Time to build warehouse depends on your plan's rate


Your Database 40,000 Leads, 20,000 Contacts, 5,000 Accounts, 1,000 Opportunities & 10,000 Tasks
Total Records 76,000
API Calls Required 77 (2 Calls for 1000 Opportunities + 75 calls for remaining 75,000 records)
Time Estimate to Create Fused Database < 1 hour

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