Zendesk Connector Technical Specifications

Objects Fusion Reads

Zendesk Object Fusion Object
ticket Ticket
custom_field n/a
ticket_problem Ticket
request List
satisfaction_rating List
satisfaction_reason List
event List
attachment List
ticket_skip Ticket
user Contact
thumbnail List
group List
group_membership List
session Event
organization Company
organization_membership List
dynamic_content_item List
variant List
locale List
schedule List
interval List
app_installation_location List
app_location List
activity_stream Activity
bookmark List
tag List
monitored_twitter_handle List
survey List

Warehouse Speed

    Plan Requests
    Essential 10
    Team 200
    Professional 400
    Enterprise 700
    High Volume API Add-On (Professional or Enterprise)
    (The Add-On increases a qualifying plan's limit to 2500 requests per minute. It doesn't add an additional 2500 requests to the plan's limit.)

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