Quickbooks Connector Technical Specifications

Objects Fusion Reads

Below are the list of supported Quickbook objects along with their assigned  Fusion Object

Quickbooks Object Fusion Object
Customer Contact
Companyinfo Company
Invoice Order
Bill Order
Billpayment Order
Deposit Order
Estimate Order
Journalentry Order
Timeactivity OrderItem
Purchaseorder OrderItem
Purchase Order
Vendor Contact

Below are brief descriptions of each of the QuickBooks objects supported by Fusion. For more information, visit Quickbooks' Developer API at  https://developer.intuit.com/docs/api/accounting

Customer: contains data about the people that consume the products or services offered by your business.

Companyinfo: contains basic company information. In QuickBooks, company info and preferences are displayed in the same place under preferences, so it may be confusing to figure out from user interface which fields may belong to this object. But in general, properties such as company addresses or name are considered company information. Some attributes may exist in both CompanyInfo and Preferences objects.

Invoice: contains data about invoices or sales forms that customers pay later

Bill: contains data about AP transactions, or a request-for-payment from a third-party.

Billpayment: contains data about the final transaction in the payment of bills received from a vendor.

Deposit: contains data about direct deposits and customer payments moved into the Asset Account after being held in the Undeposited Funds account.

Estimate: contains data about proposals given to customers about pricing for a good or service.

Journalentry: contains data about Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable accounts.

Timeactivity: contains data about employee time records

Purchaseorder: contains data about purchase orders, or the requests for goods that are sent to vendors.

Vendor: contains data about the vendors you purchase goods and/or services from.

API Limits

  • Call limit: 500 requests per minute
  • Concurrency Limits: 10 concurrent requests

More on the technical limits for Quickbooks can be found at:  https://developer.intuit.com/docs/00_quickbooks_online/2_build/20_explore_the_quickbooks_online_api/30_rest_api_features#/Limits_and_throttles

API Call Usage By Object 

Object API Calls Estimated Time Building Warehouse
All 1 API call / 100 records 1hr / 100,000


Your Database 20,000 Customers, 5,000 Companies, 10,000 Invoices, 10,000 Bills, 9,500 Bill Payments, 15,000 Estimates, 5,000 Purchase Orders and 4,000 Vendors
Total Records 78,500
API Calls Required 785 (78,500/100)
Time Estimate to Create Fused Database < 1 hour

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