Marketo Connector Technical Specifications

Objects Fusion Reads

Marketo Object Fusion Object
salesperson Owner
activity* n/a
campaign Campaign
named_account_list List
lead Contact
namedAccount Company
company Company
opportunity Opportunity
opportunityRole n/a

*Marketo permits a huge variety of activity types related to lead records. Nearly every change, action or flow step is recorded against a lead's activity log, which Fusion retrieves via the API. Such activities are always related to the lead record via the leadId. And while every activity has a unique id, leadId and activityDate, the primaryAttributeValueId and primaryAttributeValue will vary in their meaning.

Rate Limits

  • Most subscriptions are allocated 50,000 API calls per day (which resets daily at 12:00AM CST). You can increase your daily quota through your account manager.
  • Each Marketo instance has a rate limit of 100 calls per 20 seconds, which is shared among all third-party API services, and a shared limit of 10 concurrently executing REST API calls.
  • To learn more, see Marketo's REST API documentation at


Your Database 40,000 Leads, 20,000 Contacts, 5,000 Accounts, 1,000 Opportunities & 10,000 Tasks
Total Records 76,000
API Calls Required 77 (2 Calls for 1000 Opportunities + 75 calls for remaining 75,000 records)
Time Estimate to Create Fused Database < 1 hour

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