HubSpot Connector Technical Specifications

Authorizing HubSpot with Fusion

Account Type

In order to authorize HubSpot, you must have a paid marketing account (Starter or higher). To check your account status, go to HubSpot > Account & Billing > Account Summary.


All HubSpot customers can install the HubSpot connector without needing to be a Super Admin. You may also change your HubSpot schema dynamically, based on the permissions with which you authenticate the HubSpot connector in Fusion.

Objects Fusion Reads

HubSpot Object Fusion Object
Event Event
Company Company
Contact Contact
ContactList List
Deal Opportunity
Owner Owner
urlMapping* n/a
dealPipeline* n/a
stage* n/a
dealPropertyGroup* n/a
engagement* n/a
form* n/a
remote* n/a
broadcastMessage* n/a
content* n/a

* These HubSpot objects  Fusion still includes in your data warehouse. Below is a brief explanation of the object types.

urlMapping: Get a specific URL mapping by ID. For more info, see HubSpot's API method documentation for urlMapping  here.

dealPipeline: Lets you access options for the 'deal stage' and 'pipeline' properties within your instance of the HubSpot CRM. For more info, see HubSpot's API method documentation for dealPipeline  here.

stage: Returns a  list of stages for a specific pipeline, along with other properties. For more info, see HubSpot's Deal Pipelines API, and their stages,  here.

dealPropertyGroup: Stores specific properties for your deal records for a specific deal group. For more info, see HubSpot's Deal Properties API  here.

engagement: Data about a note, task, or activity on an object in HubSpot. For more info, see HubSpot's Engagement API  here.

form: Returns form submission data. For additional information, refer to HubSpot's form submissions documentation  here.

remote: Refers to the remoteId or remoteType for the owner object. For more about the owners list, read HubSpot's API doc  here

broadcastMessage:  Provides details about a specific broadcast (e.g. a tweet, Facebook post, or specific message posted to a single social network). For more info, see HubSpot's Social Media API  here

content:  Gets events from the calendar. For more info, see HubSpot's content event methods  here.

API Limits

  • Daily: 40,000 API calls. This can be increased to 160,000 with an API Add-On. 
  • Call limit: 10 requests per second

More on the technical limits for HubSpot can be found at

API Call Usage By Object 

Object API Calls Estimated Time Building Warehouse
All 1 API call / 100 records 1hr / 100,000


Your Database 20,000 Contacts, 5,000 Companies, 1,000 Deals & 10,000 Engagements
Total Records 36,000
API Calls Required 360 (36,000/100)
Time Estimate to Create Fused Database < 1 hour

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