Connect Microsoft Power BI Desktop

The following article is going to walk you through connecting your Fusion created data warehouse to Microsoft Power BI Desktop. 

Before connecting your fusion created data warehouse to Microsoft Power BI Desktop you will need to make sure that you have download the MySQL connector. You can learn how to do this here.

When opening Microsoft Power BI you are going to see the following window. On this page you are going to click "Get Data".

After clicking "Get Data" you are going to see a couple different options. On this page you are going to select "MySQL database" and then click "Connect".

You will then be prompted to enter your warehouse credentials. This information can be found in the Fusion Portal. You can learn more about how to get these credentials here. (Note: If you haven't installed it already, download and install the MySQL driver as prompted.) As depicted below, you'll want to enter your server URL, which must include the host and port information provided by Bedrock Data.

For example, if the host and port provided are and 3306, the server URL would be

After clicking 'OK", select Database on the left sidebar, and then enter your username and password.

You should now be all set and connected to your Fusion Warehouse. 

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