How To Setup HubSpot Forms to Create Webex Registrations

Most HubSpot customers prefer to use the Landing Pages and Forms generated by HubSpot to capture leads and customer conversions. This approach provides valuable analytics in the conversion process. It makes sense that when you are hosting webinars it would be best to capture the registrations through these forms. 

In order to sync webinar registrations via HubSpot form submissions to your Webex account, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create a HubSpot form for the webinar

Make sure to take note of the Form Name as you will need this later in the setup process. 

Step 2: Add the 'attendeeCreate' object to Contact Mapping

In the Contact Mapping, add in the Email Address mapping the AttendeeCreate object like this: 

Step 3: Add a Default Value for Join Status (optional) 

By default, the Bedrock integration will add Attendees to an Event in Webex as Approved. If, however, you prefer to set each registrant as Pending, add the Join Status field and put in a Default Value of 'REGISTER'. Here is what this looks like: 

Step 4: Create a Webex Event ID custom field in HubSpot

You will need to setup a custom field in HubSpot called Webex Event ID. Can be just a single-line text field: 

Step 5: Use Webex Event ID as a Hidden Field in Registration Forms

When setting up your event registration forms in HubSpot, you will want to add this new Webex Event ID as a hidden field and enter in the Webex Event ID as the default value (See this help article on where to find the Webex Event ID)

Step 6: Add Webex Event ID (aka. Session Key) Mapping

Map in Bedrock this new Webex Event ID field to the Session Key field on the Attendee record in Webex: 

Step 7: Add Your Event Workflows

Once your mappings are setup, you are ready to add in your Workflow rules for each Event you are wanting to sync registrations over from HubSpot. Simply create a new Workflow. We recommend calling it the same name as the webinar event in Webex to keep things consistent. For the rule, you want to select the following: 

  • Connector: HubSot
  • Object: Contact
  • Field: Webex Event ID
  • Condition: Contains
  • Value: "WEBEX EVENT ID"

Check the 'Sync' box and then where it says "ciscowebex: register attendee" you want to add in the Session ID, which is also known as the Event Number in the Webex Event information screen: 

Make sure there are no spaces in the Session ID when you enter it into the Bedrock Workflow. 

Once you have the Workflow setup, hit save to create. 

Step 8. Remove Registration Mapping (if necessary) 

If you are an existing customer that had been tracking Registrations from Webex to HubSpot and you had a Registration Mapping in place, once you have this new setup in place you can go ahead and remove this mapping from your Bedrock configuration. 

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