Overview of Transactions Report

BETA - This feature is currently still in a beta state and has some known caveats and limitations. 

Watch a recent Troubleshooting Webinar conducted by our Customer Success team here - https://www.bedrockdata.com/blog/webinar-troubleshooting-sync 

Known Limitations / Issues: 

  • You can not currently set a date range for the report and by default it will download the last 24 hours of sync activity
  • Timestamp column displays dates in the GMT timezone (aka "UTC" or "Universal Coordinated Time") 
  • You will often see blank cells in the Identity column. These can be ignored / removed from the report as they are just repeat attempts from records that previously failed to write but these records are already noted in the report so these rows are unnecessary. 
  • If you have enough activity (~10,000 transactions), customers are finding that they will get the following error message: 

Generate the Report

Once you are given access to the report, a new button will show up on your Bedrock Data Dashboard that lets you Generate a Transaction Report. 

As noted above, it currently takes a snapshot of the past 24 hours of sync activity. It should only take a few seconds for the report to generate and once it does, it will immediately download a CSV file to your local desktop. 

Overview of Columns in Report

Timestamp Identity Event Description Source Event Source Description Event ID
The date and time at which the error occurred  The identity of the record that encountered the error. For example, contact
records are identified by their email address.
The type of error that occurred. Examples include “MISSING_FIELDS”,
A full description of the error that occurred, including any error information
received from the connected system (where appropriate).
 The change that caused Bedrock Data to process this record and
subsequently encounter an error.
A full description of the source event. An internal unique ID corresponding to the event.

List of Events 

Here is an overview of the Events that you will find included in this report.

Event Meaning
Required fields are missing, so we cannot create the desired record. Simply go to the record in the originating system and add a value for the required field.
DUPE_RECORDS Duplicate records detected.  Cannot process the record.  Learn how to resolve DUPE RECORD conflicts.
Fields required by our dedupe system are missing.  Cannot process the record. Add a value to the dedupe key for the record (i.e. email address for a contact) to resolve.
CREATE_ERROR The third party API returned an error when we tried to create a record.  Error details will be included in the description column.
UPDATE_ERROR The third party API returned an error when we tried to update a record.  Error details will be included in the description column.

For seeing what some of the API Errors mean from the different systems and how to resolve, check out the API Errors section here. We'll be adding to this section over time and if you have any recommendations for errors you are seeing that you'd like to have added to this section, let us know by sending an email to support@bedrockdata.com. Make sure to include the error message you are seeing within the report.

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