Netsuite Connector - Technical Overview

Versions Supported

We support the Netsuite CRM - No other products of Netsuite are currently supported at this time. 

Authentication Requirements

Before installing the Bedrock Netsuite connector you must first install the Bedrock Data SuiteBundle.  This "bundle" contains a handful of SuiteScript files that allow Bedrock Data to access NetSuite's REST-ful API. You can learn how to do this  here.

While we do recommend that an administrator is used to authenticate the Bedrock Netsuite connector if this is not possible at the minimum a user must have the following permissions listed  here

More on how to authenticate the Bedrock Netsuite connector can be found  here.

Objects Supported

Each object below may have a certain set of sub-objects. Not all sub-objects are supported by Bedrock Data so it's important to discuss any specific data points related to these objects that are important to your integration needs with our sales team. 

Object Permissions Custom Field Support Dedupe Key
Employee Read Yes Email
Contact Read / Update / Create Yes Email
Lead, Prospect, or Customer Read / Update Yes Name
Opportunity Read / Update / Create Yes Closing Date
Contact and Company Relationship
Calendar Event Read / Update / Create   Title 
Occurred At
Case Read / Update / Create Yes Name 
Case Number

API Version and Limits

Bedrock currently uses Netsuite's REST-ful API.

Important Limitation(s)

NetSuite offers many configurations to allow customization for the user. Bedrock supports four different NetSuite configurations. Limitations of the Netsuite Connector depend on what Netsuite settings you currently have in place. 

You can learn more about what configuration of Netsuite of you have and the limitations that come with this configuration here.

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