Marketo Connector - Technical Overview

Versions Supported

Pro, Elite and Enterprise customers all have API and Integration features. If you are a Basic customer, check with your Marketo sales representative if you will be able to connect to a 3rd party integration. This information was pulled from the Marketo pricing page as of 10/1/2017 -

Authentication Requirements 

Bedrock requires an API Only user setup with an API role. Along with this user the integration requires 3 additional pieces of information from Marketo in order to connect. 

  • Custom Service URL
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

You can learn how to create this user and how to gather the information needed  here.

Objects Supported

Each object below may have a certain set of sub-objects. Not all sub-objects are supported by Bedrock Data so it's important to discuss any specific data points related to these objects that are important to your integration needs with our sales team. 

Object Permissions Custom Field Support Dedupe Key
Read / Update / Create Yes Email
Company Read / Update / Create Yes Name
Opportunity Read / Update / Create Yes Closing Date  
Contact and Company Relationship
Interesting Moments Read No Title 
Occurred At
Activity  Create No Title
Occurred At
Sales Persons Read / Update / Create No externalOwnerID
Contact Opportunity Roles Read / Update / Create No Role Name

API Version and Limits

Marketo's API does not have versions. Most Marketo subscriptions are allocated 50,000 API calls per day (which resets daily at 12:00AM CST).  API access per instance is limited to 100 calls per 20 seconds with a maximum of 10 concurrent API calls.

Important Limitations(s)

These are key limitations of the Marketo Connector but may not be only the limitations depending on your integration needs. Make sure to discuss your key integration goals with your Bedrock Data sales representative to ensure we can meet your needs. 

  • Bedrock only reads Interesting Moments out of Marketo to transfer into another system. Users are able to customize which behaviors trigger an Interesting Moment in Marketo and therefore have control over what data is available to be transferred.
  • Bedrock Data cannot write Interesting Moments.  However, Bedrock Data can create other activity records from other systems. For this to work, customers must create a custom activity called Synced Activity and all CRM activities will push into Marketo as this type. Learn more how to set this up here.
  • There is no way to create an opportunity natively in Marketo. Opportunities must be created in the integrated system and transferred to Marketo.
  • Once an opportunity has been created on a contact, you will notice that the company panel for that contact is no longer writeable.  Any future updates to that company must initiate in the paired system and transfer to Marketo.
  • ZOHO CUSTOMERS: In order for Contacts in Marketo to relate to Opportunities they must have a Contact Role on the Potential in Zoho. 

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