Update Connector Credentials When Passwords Change

For many of our Connectors you are required to enter in user credentials for a given system in order to authenticate the connector. This means that if the credentials for this user change, you will need to update the credentials in Bedrock as well. Here are the steps to follow when this happens. 

Step 1. Login at my.bedrockdata.com and go to the Connectors section 

Step 2. Under the Connector that needs updating, click on the Installed drop down and then click on the current installed version 

Step 3. In the pop up window that appears, enter in the new credentials whether it be just a new password for the current user or perhaps it's both a new user and password. 

After you hit Save on the Connector settings, the integration should pick back up where it last left off before it was no longer able to access your system. The Dashboard will begin to show successful syncs reassuring that the new credentials you've entered are working as expected. 

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