Manage Zoho API Limits in Connector Settings

All Zoho customers have a certain set of daily API limits that can be used. As Bedrock uses API calls to sync data, it's important that you let Bedrock know what your daily quota is so that we can avoid hitting this limit. Learn more about Zoho API Limits and what might be your daily quota here.

Bedrock will monitor how many calls we are making throughout the day and if we hit the limit you enter in this setting, our sync will go to sleep until the following morning at 3 AM EST (this timing is based on Zoho's documentation as to when limits are refreshed). Once Bedrock wakes back up, we'll pick back up from where we left off the day before. 

To set the limit, follow these steps: 

1. Go to Connectors and open up your Zoho Connector

2. Enter in your daily quota

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