How to Manage Email Opt-Out For HubSpot Integrations

HubSpot's email opt-out functionality is setup so that only the end recipients can make changes to their opt-out settings (i.e. opt out of all email, opt out of your product communications, etc.). As a user of HubSpot, you have no control over these settings and can not opt someone out manually.

Likewise, the Bedrock integration is also not allowed to make changes to the Opt-Out settings and fields in a given HubSpot portal. So how do you handle a situation where you want to bring over opt-out data from your CRM system? The below steps outline this process. 

- Identify the field in your CRM that will be used to send over opt-out information about a contact

- Create a custom field in HubSpot that will map to this field in your CRM (i.e. CRM Opt-Out Setting). This is often setup as a Single-Checkbox type field 

- Map these two fields in your Contact Mapping in Bedrock 

- Back in HubSpot, setup a Smart List where the filter is based on this new custom field where if the field is checked, contacts will get added to this list. This will be your "CRM Opt-Out List" 

- When building out your email campaigns in HubSpot, choose to exclude this list when adding in the recipients to a given email campaign (read more about sending emails from HubSpot). 

In addition to bringing over your opt-out information from your CRM to HubSpot, you may also want to bring over the Opt-Out information from HubSpot as well. You essentially go through the same steps as above only you are setting up a custom field in your CRM and mapping this to the default field in HubSpot called "Opted out of all email". 

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