How to determine if your sync is running

When will my sync run?

The integration is setup to run every five minutes. When a sync run starts the system is looking for new or modified records. 

Those records that pass your configured workflows will then sync according to your mappings. When a sync run starts you will see the following running text. 

If the integration is able to process all of the records picked up (new or modified) within five minutes you will see a check mark next to that run.

Is my sync running? I haven't seen any records updated or created since (insert time here)!

This does not mean you will always see records being created or updated every five minutes though. Do not worry your sync is not broken.

Depending on how many new or modified records initially picked up you may see each sync run end with a cycling icon.

This tells you that the integration was not able to finish processing the updates within 5 minutes and has carried over into the next sync run. 

I kicked off a reset a couple hours ago. Is it still processing?

A reset will take most companies a day and a half to complete. Although factors such as the number of records in each of your systems, mappings, and workflows are all variables.

When you see each run ending with a cycling icon this tells you that the reset is still still processing. 

You'll know that your reset is completed when you see any 'Up to Date' message on your dashboard. 

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