Steps for Switching from Netsuite Sandbox to Production (EU Customers)

NOTE: This article is for EU-based Netsuite customers only as there is a different process for US-based customers

If you have been setting up your integration with your Netsuite Sandbox to start and are now ready to make the switch over to production, you will want to follow these steps to make sure that this switch takes place as expected. 

Before going through the below steps, make sure you also have the Bedrock Bundle installed in your production Netsuite instance. 

Step 1: Turn off your Bedrock sync 

Step 2: If the user is going to remain the same, update their Role in Netsuite so that the Role is pointed to your Production instead of Sandbox. 

Step 3: Go to the Connectors tab and open up the current instance of Netsuite that you have installed

Step 4: With the user remaining the same and if the password has not changed, simply click on the Next button and choose the appropriate Role

Remember that if you are using a non-Admin role that you must have the following permissions in place for the role being used or the Bedrock integration will not function as expected. 

Step 5: Save the updated credentials 

You can double check that this credential change made the proper switch to your production instance by going to the following URL while logged in to your Bedrock portal - In here if you see that the "base-url" for the Netsuite Connector is pointing to instead of, then you know the switch was successful. 

Step 6: Head back to your Dashboard and  perform a Reset of your sync. We recommend running a "Sync Future Changes Only" type of reset. 

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