How To Resolve "Invalid Property Value" Sync Errors

An "Invalid Property Value" is a common error that appears when a record was not successfully updated or written. To view the full details, select the red dot next to the record in the Dashboard view within Bedrock Data. 

Here’s how to read the above example.  

“Error on hubspot0 contact” is a failed attempt at updating an existing HubSpot contact (as shown in the error message): 

Right now we show the ID of the record. HubSpot customers can use this ID to track down a specific record by following these steps.

“Property values were not valid” is related to an Invalid Property error because, in the details of the error message, it shows the following: 

“Attempting Contact was not…” refers to the value that was invalid. And the field that this was trying to write into was "partner_stage" (this is the API name of the field). 

Now that I know what caused this record to not write, I can resolve this conflict. Sticking with the above example, here are the steps I will take to resolve:

  1. Log in to your HubSpot portal
  2. Select "settings" under contact properties
  3. Search for the property "partner_stage"
  4. Review available options in this field and either add in the value that was trying to write in from the other system or update it to an exact match
  5. Hit "Refresh Field Info" under Mappings in your Bedrock Data portal

This conflict is now resolved for all records going forward.

Re-Sync Records Impacted By Conflict

Go back to any records that tried to write with this value but failed to do so because of this conflict and re-sync them back through Bedrock.

For our example above, here are the steps to take for re-syncing the records impacted:

  1. Login to your Salesforce account. Prep it for mass updating records to push back through the Bedrock integration.
  1. Install the free AppExchange app to execute a mass update from any List View. Mass record update is available for many of the CRMs and marketing automation systems Bedrock Data supports.
  1. Create a list with filtering by the "Attempting Contact" value. This will pull in records that have this value.
  1. Mass update the Trigger Sync fieldHere are set up instructions if you don't have a Trigger Sync field.

If your list contains a lot of records (i.e.1000+), wait until the end of the day to trigger this mass update. More records lead to longer sync cycles which can disrupt lead flow during normal business hours. In the morning check the dashboard to see if these records made it through without any more errors and conflicts. 

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