Understanding Relationship Mappings

Where do I Manage Relationship Mappings? 

They sit behind each mapping type (Contact, Company, Opportunity, etc.). There's a tab at the top of the mapping screen that says Relationships and when you click here, you will either see relationships already setup or you can click on the Auto-Generate Relationships tab to see what types of relationships exist for the given mapping. 

Note: Note all mappings will have relationships

What Will A Relationship Mapping Do?

A relationship mapping is setup behind certain mappings in Bedrock to help keep the different relationship between record types across systems in sync. 

So lets say with your Contact Mapping you have a Company'relationship configured. 

If in both System A and System B you have company records that are the same, when a contact record is syncing and it is related to a Company record, it will ensure to stay attached to the related Company when it goes from system to system. 

Is there a System of Record Setting?

Yes, just like with your field mappings, the relationships follow a System of Record setting. Typically the CRM owns the System of Record for relationships like Company so that if your sales team is moving contacts around from company to company, this reflects back over to your other systems where there is a related company record. 

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