Dashboard Recent Activity

Your Bedrock Data Dashboard allows you to view the health of your sync when turned on.

Your recent activity will display your most recent 20 transactions or transactions from the last 7 days. 

Since your most recent 20 transactions will likely not all fit on the first screen the "Forward" button allows you to view them.

On your Bedrock Data Dashboard you will also notice a search bar. 

The search feature will allow you to search all your transactions going back 90 days. You can search using terms related to fields that might be unique to the records that are going through your integration. For example, you could try searching for a record by their email address. 

The activity feed is also a helpful tool to see if any errors have happened recently in your sync. If you see any records with a red dot, this means this particular record ran into an error and was unable to sync at that time. You can also search for errors by simply searching for the term 'error' and if any happened in the past 90 days, they will appear in the activity feed. 

If you have any questions about the information you are seeing on the dashboard or need help understanding a given error, reach out to our support team by clicking on Contact in the top navigation. 

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