PipelineDeals: Setting Time Zone Offsets

The close date field in PipelineDeals is a date-only field, which, when connected to a system that uses date-time, can cause opportunities to show one day earlier or later than the day that actually closed.  Bedrock provides functionality to automatically adjust time zones when syncing data to and from PipelineDeals.

In this example, we will integrate PipelineDeals and Hubspot.  You will need to provide two pieces of information in the connector install panel: "Deal Close Time" and "Deal Close Date Offset".

Deal Close Time

The value entered in this field determines what time will be displayed in the destination system.  By default, the deal will always close at midnight.

If you would like to change the close time displayed in Hubspot, enter a close time.  All deals closed in PipelineDeals and synced to the other system will be shown with this close time.  

Times must be entered in the format 00:00:00 and use a 24-hour clock.  For example, 9:00 AM is 09:00:00.  2:00 PM is 14:00:00.

If a Deal Close time of 14:00:00 is used, a deal closed in PipelineDeals on 12/15/2016 will show in Hubspot as having closed on 12/15/2016 2:00 PM.

Deal Close Date Offset

Using the map below, identify the time zone that is being used by the destination system (Hubspot).  Identify the offset time for this time zone.  For example, if the Hubspot account is being used in California, the offset would be -08:00.  If the Hubspot is located in Melbourne, Australia, the offset would be +10:00.  Enter this value in the Deal Close Date Offset field.

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