Connectwise Manage & Salesforce: Mapping Activity Records

Bedrock Data can help you keep your activity records in sync between your Connectwise and Salesforce instances, helping all of your team members know what communications have taken place with a customer or prospect.

How to Install Your Connectors

Connectwise REST & Salesforce: Setting Up Your Sync will walk you through the process of installing and configuring a basic Connectwise/Salesforce integration that will link your companies, contacts, and opportunities.  You'll want to get those objects set up before you tackle adding an activity sync.

If you're just getting started with Bedrock Data and setting up a new sync, "Auto-Generate Mappings" will do most of the work for you!  We'll automatically create an activity mapping; all you'll need to do is add any standard or custom fields needed by your business.  Skip down to "Add Additional Fields" for instructions.

How to Map Activity

If you've already set up your company and contact mappings and now want to add an activity integration, it's an easy process.  We'll walk you through it.

Add an Activity Mapping

  • Navigate to your mappings page at
  • Click one of the blue "Add Mappings" buttons.
  • Select "Activity" from the drop-down menu under Data Type, then click "Save".
  • Your new activity mapping will appear at the bottom of the list. 

Auto-Map Your Fields

  • Click on the icon for Activity to enter this mapping, then click the "Auto-Match Fields" button.
  • We'll automatically match together a basic set of fields.  Don't worry about the required fields warning at the top - you'll fix that in the next step.

Add Additional Fields

  • Salesforce requires a priority be set for all tasks.  We'll map that field now by clicking on one of the blue "+Add Field" buttons.
  • A modal will pop up.  Title this field "Priority" and complete the fields as below.  Set the default value to the appropriate priority level for records imported from another system.  Here, we're using "Normal".  Click Save.
    Did you know?  Since Salesforce is the only connector that requires this field, you don't have to map a Connectwise field as well.  All activity records will be created with a "normal" priority in Salesforce as the result of this field mapping.
  • If you have any additional standard or custom fields that you'd like to transfer between your Connectwise and Salesforce instances, you can click the "+ Add Field" button again to add their mappings.  An example mapping of the Description/Notes field is shown below.  Repeat as needed.
    Did you know?  The system that appears first in your field mapping list is your System of Record for that field.  Check out this article to learn more about Systems of Record.
    Did you know?  Read-Only allows you to define a field as, well, "read only".  This means that data can only originate in this field and will never be written or updated by the paired system.  

Auto-Match Your Relationships

In this step, we'll create the necessary relationships between your Connectwise and Salesforce databases for tickets to integrate correctly.

  • Click on the relationships tab at the top of the screen and then click "Auto-match Relationships".
  • Bedrock Data will automatically identify the relationships between the contact, company, opportunity, and owner objects in Connectwise and Salesforce.
  • Remove "leads" or "contacts" from the contact mapping.  At this time, Bedrock Data can only sync activities with either your Salesforce Leads or your Salesforce Contacts.  (We're working on letting you do both!)  This means that you'll need to remove one of them from your activity relationships.  You can do this by clicking into the contact mapping and then clicking the "X" icon in the "Remove" column to the far right.  It does not matter whether you remove the Salesforce lead or Salesforce Contact.  Click Save.


Awesome job!  You've connected your Salesforce Tasks and your Connectwise Activity.  Here's how that integration will work when you turn it on.

  • Every time you create a closed task in Salesforce or Activity in Connectwise, Bedrock Data will sync that to the correct contact or lead in the other system.  
    • Bedrock Data only syncs closed tasks and activity from Salesforce.
    • You can only sync your Connectwise contact activity with either the Salesforce lead or the Salesforce contact--not both.
  • Bedrock Data's sync runs approximately every five minutes.  If a sync run has just completed when a record is created or updated, you may experience a small delay before a new sync run starts.
  • Before Bedrock Data can sync any data, we must index your records from your integrated systems.  When you start using activity, we'll have to index them before we can start to sync new records.  This can take as little as a few hours, but if you have many records, it can take several days or longer.  Our support team can offer you advice on how long the indexing process might take for your situation.

How It Works

  • Create a call or task in Salesforce, and it will be transferred to Connectwise automatically after a sync runs.
  • Create an Activity in Connectwise, and it will transfer to Salesforce as a closed task.  (But remember: you can only sync activities with Salesforce contacts OR leads, not both!)
  • That's it!  Bedrock will work behind the scenes to make sure that your systems are always connected, your data is always clean, and your records are always in sync.

Happy syncing!

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