What Phoneburner Data Can Be Synced?

What Objects and Actions are Supported?

System Object Bedrock Object Permissions Custom Field Support Relationships Required Fields
Account Company Read/Update/Create No Activity
Contact Contact Read/Update/Create Yes Account
First Name
Last Name
Category ID
Activity Activity Read No -- --

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Important Functionality Notes


  • You must include a "Category Id" mapping for your contacts to sync into PhoneBurner.  This is the PhoneBurner "folder" your contacts will be added to.  You can set this to "Contacts" as the default folder, or you can set a field in your paired system that allows you to map each created contact into a different folder.  Map this field to Category ID in PhoneBurner.  Contacts will be created in a PhoneBurner folder based on the field value in your paired system.  


  • The "Website" field on the company object has very strict requirements and can block the creation of contacts and companies.  It must start with http:// and end with .com.  We recommend that you do not map this field.


  • Activities are read-only.  Activities that are created in PhoneBurner will be transferred to your other integrated systems, but you cannot insert activities from other systems into PhoneBurner.

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