ConnectWise Manage: Connector Settings

IMPORTANT NOTE: We support the 'Admin Role' in ConnectWise for authenticating the Bedrock Connector. Please ensure the Member being used to produce the API keys is setup under this role to ensure the integration works as designed. 

To connect ConnectWise to your Bedrock Data account, you will need the following information: 

  • Your ConnectWise Site name
  • Your ConnectWise Company name
  • Your Public API Key
  • Your Private API Key

You'll also need to make sure that the authenticating account has full  API report permissions.

Site Name

Your ConnectWise site name is the URL that you visit to log into ConnectWise.  Do not enter http:// before you enter this url to authenticate.

ConnectWise Hosted Customers: If your site URL is in the format "", you must append "api-" to the start of your site URL.  For example, "" should be entered as "" 

ConnectWise Company Name

Enter the company name that you use to log into ConnectWise.

API Keys

You will need to generate a public and private API key to authenticate.  These keys must come from an Member that is setup as an Admin. If you don't have an existing member that you wish to use for this integration, we recommend creating a new Member that will be used specifically for authenticating the Bedrock integration. 

Your private API key will only be visible when you first create it, so make sure that you save it in a secure location such as a password manager.

How to Generate an API Key

  • You will need to authenticate with an account that has full access to all ConnectWise API objects via an administrator account.  As noted above, if you don't have an existing member that is an Admin, you will need to create a new Member for the integration. 
  • Sign into ConnectWise through the desktop or online portal as the Integration User.
  • From the "My Settings" drop-down in the top right corner, select "My Account".
  • Select the "API Keys" tab and click the Plus sign to add a new API Key.
  • Enter a descriptive title and click the "Save" icon.
  • ConnectWise will display your public and private API keys.  While the public one can always be accessed, the private key must be saved in a secure location.
  • Enter your public and private API keys into the appropriate fields on the Bedrock Data authentication modal and click "Save."

Bedrock Data will authenticate your connector.  

Congrats!  We're now able to start integrating your ConnectWise data with your other systems!

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