Syncing The HubSpot Public Contact Link Field to Microsoft Dynamics

The HubSpot Public Contact Link field can be very useful for your CRM users. This field contains the URL for the contact page in HubSpot and the URL's can become lengthy. Microsoft Dynamics has a default length of 100 characters for a text field, which can cause an error in Bedrock when there is a URL that exceeds this length. The solution is to extend the MSD field to 1000 characters, which gives ample space for lengthy URL's.

 To do this, navigate to Customizations > Customize the System.

A new window will popup, from here click to expand the entities section and choose the entity you want to add the public contact link to (in our example we are adding the field to the contact entity). Click on the fields icon and add a new field. If you already have a Public Contact Link Field, search for it in the field list and click to edit the field. 

Name the field and choose a Single Line of Text for the Data Type. Set the Maximum Length to 1000.

Once the field is set,  refresh field info and map the field. 

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