Trigger Sync Field (On-Demand Syncing)

Why On-Demand Syncing Is Needed:

Many times, it is necessary to update records on a mapped field to trigger a sync in Bedrock. Bedrock Data, by nature, is a go-forward system and does not retroactively sync data, unless you run a "full sync". Here are some of the reasons On-Demand Syncing can be useful:

  • Syncing over a new field you add to a mapping.
  • Troubleshooting purposes or bringing over records that previously hit an error.
  • Testing a new configuration or mapping in Bedrock Data. 

How to Set Up On-Demand Sync Fields:

Bedrock Data is a trigger based system. As new records are entered or mapped fields are modified, Bedrock gets triggered and syncs records across systems. The best method to doing this at will is to create a custom text field in your external system and to map it in Bedrock Data. Here we create a field called Trigger Sync in HubSpot and created a one-line mapping to allow Bedrock to recognize changes to this field. 

Now that the field is set up, you can change the value of the field on a single record, or on many records using a workflows or trigger, to force the record(s) to sync. This allows you to force a sync at any time!  

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