Setup - Syncing CRM Opportunity Stage into HubSpot Deal Stage

In HubSpot's CRM or Sales platform, the Deal Stage and Pipeline need a specific setup to be synced with your CRM's opportunity stage. The first step to this setup is understanding how the Pipeline and Deal Stage are tied together. In HubSpot, different Pipelines can be created for all of your sales processes. In order for Bedrock to be able to sync information into the Deal Stage field, the Pipeline must also be declared. The Pipeline, for Bedrock's use, is simply a field. Under the CRM settings, you can find the Pipeline values. 

The Pipeline must be set first to pick a Deal Stage. If you only have one Pipeline, we recommend setting up a single line mapping with a default value. (Please use the internal value when setting the default)

Now that the Pipeline is set, the Deal Stages can be modified to match the Stages in your CRM. To do this, navigate to the Deal settings and add the Stages from your CRM. (Remember that the stages must match exact spelling, capitalization, and spacing of your CRM stages. Read more here!)

Once the Deal Stages are set to match your CRM's stages, you are ready to set the mapping up in Bedrock Data. Generally, your CRM's Opportunity will be the System of Record for this field so we recommend moving that to the top of the list.

Once this is set, you are ready to sync the Deal Stage from your CRM's opportunity stage. If you would like assistance in this process please email us at

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