How Does Bedrock Deduplicate Records For All Object-Types?

Deduplication is one of the most important processes that Bedrock performs on behalf of our customer's data. Each object type has a different set of unique fields that are used to determine what records across multiple systems should be paired up in our database to ensure that updates to mapped fields take place where expected. Below is an overview of the unique fields used for each Object supported by Bedrock. 

Object Unique Fields Additional Notes
Contact Email Address This is the primary email address field for the contact-type record.
In some systems, there can be more than one email address field often used to denote a secondary email.
We will only use the one primary email when deduplicating records in Bedrock. 
Company Company Name
This is the default system field for the company / account name and can't be customized to a custom field.
We strip all punctuation (anything that's not A-Z or 0-9) and replace with a single space.  
We take any double or triple or quadruple spaces (etc) and collapse to one space.
As for spaces, if one company is "MyCompany" and the other is "My Company" these are two different companies in our dedupe logic. 
Opportunity Opportunity Name;
Close Date;
Related Company;
Related Contact(s)
The name field is the default system field for the opportunity name.
The close date is also the default system's close date field for the opportunity.
If you don't have any related contacts, we can still dedupe opportunities based on the related company.
If you don't have a related company or contacts associated with an opportunity, then the sync will lead to the creation of duplicate opportunity records. 
 - If you are experiencing issues with creating opportunities, please reach out to our support team at
Activity Title
Occured At
Relationships are also very important in how we sync Activity Data. At this time, you must have a Relationship mapped for each Object where a relationship exists with the activity 
The System that is at the top of the Relationship Mapping is considered the owner of where the Activity is coming from. At this time, any systems below the top system can not feed data back into the top systems Activity
Each system has a different way in which the unique fields are determined in order to deduplicate. Refer to the "What Data Can You Sync" articles for each Connector over in the What Data Can You Sync section

Tickets Name
The official name of the ticket in the given system is used to deduplicate. This is often called the Subject of the ticket. 
The official number or ID is also used to deduplicate the Ticket. 

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