Cvent Connector Settings

There are two important steps you need to take with your Cvent account before you can move to installing the Bedrock Connector. 

  1. Talk with your Cvent Account Manager and make sure you have a user with full API access. This will be the user that will be authenticating the Bedrock Connector
  2. Whitelist the Bedrock IPs for our sync in your Cvent account settings. Reach out to our support team for the latest list of our IPs for white listing by clicking on the Contact link in the top navigation. 

Enter in the following information to install Cvent: 

  • Portal Type - If you plan on testing the integration with our Sandbox first, make sure to check this option
  • Account - This is your companies Cvent Account ID
  • User- This is the username of the API User that you have setup for this integration. You can find this username by going to Admin > Integrations and clicking on SOAP API Usage. 

  • Password - The password for the above user account.

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