How To - Set up an Integration User for Netsuite That Is Not a Full Administrator

For those customers that do not want to authenticate their Bedrock Data Netsuite integration using a Full Administrator user can follow the steps below to create a new Integration User with the minimum permissions needed to allow for the Bedrock sync to function.

  1. Create a new role (Setup>Users/Roles>Manage Roles>New)
  2. Name the role "Bedrock Integration"
  3. Set the Center Type to System Administrator Center
  4. Select the appropriate subsidiaries, if applicable (not selecting them causes the system to use the subsidiaries of the user, so this is not required)
  5. Populate the Permissions tab per the table below
  6. Click Save
  7. Find your user (Setup>Users>Manage Users) and click on the user name
  8. Click Edit
  9. Go to the Access Tab and add the "Bedrock Integration" role
  10. Click Save
  11. Go to Bedrock Data and auth a connector with your user and password and then select the Bedrock Integration role
Transactions Opportunity Full
Lists Contact Roles Full
Lists Contacts Full
Lists Customers Full
Lists Employees Full
Lists Tasks Full
Lists Event Full
Lists Cases Full
Setup Deleted Records Full
Setup Enable Features Full
Setup Set Up Company Full
Setup Web Services Full

Once you have this new user setup, head back to the Connector settings for Netsuite and complete the installation process.  Here's the help article on how to install Netsuite in Bedrock.

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