Can I Sync Fields One Way?

By default, Bedrock Data is a bi-directional integration and it is meant to keep your systems up to date on an ongoing basis for all of your mission critical fields. That being said, from time to time you may have need to ensure that only the updating of data takes place from one system. There is a way to set this up in Bedrock Data by following the below steps. 

1. Identify the fields you want to sync one-way and set System of Record

Here we have chosen First Name and we want ConnectWise to be the system that controls this field in one direction so we have place it at the top of the mapping making it the System of Record. 

2. Make the system of record Read-Only

Once you have setup your system of record for the system you want to be the one-way sync, mark it Read-Only. 

That's it. You have now setup a field for syncing in one direction!

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