Can I Sync Fields One Way?

By default, Bedrock Data is a bi-directional integration and it is meant to keep your systems up to date on an ongoing basis for all of your mission critical fields. That being said, from time to time some customers may have need to ensure that only the updating of data takes place from one system (i.e. System A). There is a way to set this up in Bedrock Data by following the below steps. In the below scenario, we will assume that we want to just pass over updates from System A to System B. 

1. Setup Workflow for just System A

Head to Workflows and create a custom Workflow for the one system where you want updates to come over from ( Setting Up Workflow Rules to Allow Records to Sync). Do not create a Workflow for any other system. This means ensuring that the Default Workflow that comes with your portal has been deleted. 

2. Make System A the System of Record

Head to your Mappings in Bedrock and make sure that the system where you want all updates to come in from is set up as the  System of Record for all of the fields you have mapped. 

3. Set Read-Only Flag for all System A Fields

Lastly, set the Read-Only flag to YES for all the System A fields. 

By following these three steps, you will ensure that only records that originate from the one system will sync and also once a sync has been established between records only updates to the fields you have mapped will take place from that one system to the others. 

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