Pardot Connector - Technical Overview

Versions Supported

Pro and Ultimate versions of Pardot are required to use the API for 3rd party integrations. This is as of 9/1/2017 on their pricing page found at

Authentication Requirements 

Administrators must enter in their email and password along with their API Key to authenticate the Bedrock Connector.  More on how to authenticate Pardot can be found here

In some cases, Pardot customers will need to enter in the Bedrock Data IP Addresses in order for the integration to function properly. Our team will provide you with the list of IPs if this is a requirement for your Pardot instance. 

Objects Supported

Each object below may have a certain set of sub-objects. Not all sub-objects are supported by Bedrock Data so it's important to discuss any specific data points related to these objects that are important to your integration needs with our sales team. 

Object Permissions Custom Field Support Dedupe Key
Prospect Read / Update / Create Yes Email
Prospect Account Read / Update / Create Yes Name
Opportunity Read / Update / Create No Closing Date 
Contact and Company Relationship

API Version and Limits

Bedrock currently uses Version 3 of the Pardot API. Learn more about the different versions at

The Pro edition comes with a daily API call limit of 25,000 and the Ultimate comes with 100,000 daily calls. Refer to their pricing page for any recent updates to these limits ( 

Important Consideration(s) 

Every Connector has a set of considerations and limitations that can impact how data will flow from one system to another. These may not be the only limitations depending on your integration needs. Make sure to discuss your key integration goals with your Bedrock Data sales representative to ensure we can meet your needs. 

  • Bedrock can not currently talk to the Owner relationship within Pardot and is unable to write directly in to the Assigned To fields within a Pardot record. A workaround is to have a custom field that pulls in ownership information from your CRM that can then be used in a Workflow in Pardot to then set the owner in Pardot. 
  • Only Closed Opportunities can sync into Pardot at this time
  • Campaign Field is a required field on the Opportunity. You can enter a default value and in most cases this will translate to "General Campaign" in Pardot.

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