What Capsule CRM Data Can Be Synced?

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What Sync Actions Are Supported?

Bedrock Data can Create, Read and Update data for the following objects. In parentheses is the name given by Capsule CRM for an object if different than the Bedrock name.

Click on the Action to learn more about what these actions mean. 

Action Contact (Person)* Company* Opportunity*

Depending on the other systems you are integrating, you may not always be able to Create and Update data for all of the above objects. When you click on  Auto-Generate Mappings in the Mapping screen, if any of the above objects does not have a Mapping option, you'll only be able to Read the data from this Object. So you'll still be able to map the data from these Objects over to the other system, it will just be Read-Only.  Learn more about how to sync data through related objects when they are read-only.

Custom Field Support

  • Custom fields not supported upon creation of a new record for these objects. They are only updated once a record exists. This is a limitation of the systems API.
  • Custom fields are NOT supported on the Owner object.

Required Field Mappings

  • Relationship mappings are required on the opportunity to sync Owners.

Important Functionality Notes

  • Opportunities cannot be created by Bedrock. 
  • Owners are only assigned to Opportunities. 

Use Cases

  • Creating leads in Capsule from an automated marketing tool.
  • Syncing marketing insights from an automated marketing system to Capsule CRM.
  • Syncing sales status or stage to a marketing platform, to better target for marketing campaigns.

Now that you know what type of data you can sync, time to start mapping your fields.  Click here to learn how to get started on mapping your data.

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