How Does Bedrock Data Define a Record?

Bedrock Data defines a record as a unique entity across multiple systems. Our pricing is based on the amount of non-duplicate records in your combined systems. 

In other words, your total record count is the sum of all records in System A and System B, minus the amount of duplicates shared between the two. 

Does Bedrock Charge For Records We Won't Be Syncing Between Systems?

Yes, when you launch your initial integration, we must first read through all the data in your connected systems to determine which records you have chosen to sync. Reading through this data takes time and server capacity on our end, which is why we count all records towards your total. 

This only applies to record types that are set up as the root objects within a Mapping. For example, if you have a Contact Mapping setup, then all contact-type records in your systems will be counted towards your unique record count. Same goes if you have a Company Mapping, Opportunity Mapping or any other type of mapping that may be available to set up between the systems you have in place. 

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