HOW TO: Reset Your Sync and Start from Scratch

From time-to-time, you may have a need to reset your Bedrock sync. 

A common use case for this feature would be if there has been corrupt data that came in from one of your systems (ie. duplicates) and this bad data, which is now stored in Bedrock, is causing conflicts when trying to make changes to your contacts. It is also a good practice if you've had recent issues with your sync that you have since resolved and you want to make sure that all of your records that may have failed to sync previously, will be re-synced to ensure all fields are up to date between all of your systems. 

There are two types of resets that you can run: Read-Only and a Full Sync. Follow the steps below to trigger either of these two types of options. 

1. First, make sure your sync is in a settled state and not actively running ( help article explaining how to check). 

2. Once you confirm the sync is settled, turn off the sync. 

3. Then turn the sync back on to get the screen showing you the two options for the types of syncs you wish to run. 

Read-Only Reset

For a Read-Only reset, you will select the "Sync Future Changes Only" option in this pop up window. 

When you perform a Read-Only reset, what you are doing is first deleting all of the records currently stored within your Bedrock integration and once this is done, we will re-index all of your records back down from your systems. Once this re-indexing process is complete, the next sync that picks up will start to sync records that pass your Workflow rules on a go forward basis starting from the time that you first initiated the reset.

Full Sync Reset

For a Full Sync Reset, you will select the "Sync Past and Future Changes" option in this pop up window. 

When you perform this type of Reset, all of the re-indexing processes that take place in the above Read-Only reset will occur but then immediately after this is done, we will push any and all records that pass your Workflow rules to sync from one system to another so that any updates or new records that hadn't been able to sync in the past will do so in this reset process. We have a separate help article that goes into more detail about this type of Reset as there are some very important considerations to be aware of before embarking on this type of reset. The most important being that you should never run this during a period of time that your teams will be online working within your given systems. Head here to learn more about running a Full Sync

4. After selecting what sync type to perform, click on Advanced and check the box where it says Reset Sync 

5. Then click on Start 

The sync will kick back off but first it will clear out your Bedrock database before it goes back to re-indexing all of your data from the systems you have set up in Bedrock. As with the initial sync that you ran when you first turned on Bedrock, this process can take some time to perform depending on the number of records we need to index from your systems.  

You can check back in on the progress of the reset by returning to your Dashboard and seeing if the sync is back in a settled state as outlined in this help article

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