Setup - Turn off Auto Create Companies in HubSpot Settings When Using Company Mapping

IMPORTANT NOTE: This suggestion is for customers that are not using the HubSpot CRM as their main platform for their day to day sales operations. If your sales team will be living in your operational CRM (i.e. Dynamics, Sugar, ConnectWise, Netsuite, Zoho, etc.), we recommended turning off this feature in HubSpot. 

When you have a Company Mapping setup in Bedrock Data and you are integrating HubSpot, you will want to turn off their automatic setting for the creation of companies based on a contacts email address. This is to avoid conflicts for when syncing your Company records over from your operational CRM system as you want this system to control the creation and association of contacts and not the HubSpot system. 

Read more about this feature and how to edit the setting in HubSpot here. 

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