Submit a Question

To submit a question to our support team, click on the link in the top navigation that says "Contact Support" and fill out the form. 

To help ensure a speedy resolution process, here are some suggestions for what to include in your ticket: 

  1. Overview of the data that isn't syncing that you are expecting to sync
    1. "My contacts from HubSpot aren't syncing to my CRM" 
  2. What field or fields are involved and is it not syncing in one direction or in both? 
    1. "My contacts are syncing but the field for what Stage they are in is not syncing from my CRM to my Marketing system"
  3. If you have an example record where this data is suppose to be showing up but hasn't, provide the ID of this record or in the case of an example contact record, simply include this records email address. 
    1. "The email address of a record that is having this issues is" 

We appreciate any details you can provide as it will help speed up our teams ability to find a resolution. 

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