Connector - Technical Overview

Versions Supported

All versions supported per pricing page as of 8/18/17. Please refer to their pricing page for up to date information about API and Integration access -

Authentication Requirements 

An API Key is required to authenticate the Bedrock Connector.  Follow these instructions to get your API Key from Close

Objects Supported

Each object below may have a certain set of sub-objects. Not all sub-objects are supported by Bedrock Data so it's important to discuss any specific data points related to these objects that are important to your integration needs with our sales team. 


Permissions Custom Field Support Dedupe Key
Contact Read / Update / Create No Email
Lead Read / Update / Create Yes Name
Opportunity Read / Update No Date Won
Contact and Company Relationship
User Read No Email

Find more information about the above objects at 

Important Consideration(s) 

Every Connector has a set of considerations and limitations that can impact how data will flow from one system to another. These may not be the only limitations depending on your integration needs. Make sure to discuss your key integration goals with your Bedrock Data sales representative to ensure we can meet your needs. 

  • Close only allows you to create custom fields on the Lead record, which is the company-type record related to Contacts and Opportunities. This means there are often limits to what you can sync from another systems contact-type record to the Close contact as there are only a certain set of standard fields that come with the contact. The suggested workaround for this limitation is to roll up the field data from the contact to the company in the system you are connecting to Close. From here, you can map the company fields to the Lead in Close, which is the company-type record in Close. 

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