System of Record Setup in Field Mapping

What Does System of Record Mean?

The system of record is the king of the hill when it comes to data. It is the system that Bedrock will respect as having the most accurate information. Bedrock will not overwrite the system of record data if there is an update in the other system and in fact, will revert the other system to match the system of record.

How Do I  Setup  The System of Record?

When mapping fields in Bedrock Data you will notice that you can drag and drop different field objects to the bottom or the top. 

The system at the top is the system of record. In the example above the system of record is Zoho CRM and more specifically the Contact object in Zoho. What this means is that Zoho will take priority over HubSpot when updates are made.

Expected Behavior

Example behavior for above scenario:

1. Any updates to the Phone field made to a record in Zoho after a record has initially been created will update the related HubSpot Phone field.

2. If the corresponding contact in HubSpot has its phone field updated, when it tries to sync over to Zoho, the Zoho value will reject the change and instead change HubSpot back to the proper value that is set in Zoho. 

3. If there's no value in Zoho for the Phone field, then if HubSpot comes over with a value it will be allowed to populate the field in Zoho.

Here's a short video showing how this works: 

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