What Eventbrite Data Can Be Synced?

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What Objects and Actions Are Supported?

Object Bedrock Object Name Permissions Custom Field Support Relationships*
Event Event Read Yes ---
Attendee Contact Read Yes Event
Order Activity Read  Yes Event

* Relationships can be used to map fields from related Objects.  Learn more about how to map fields from related Objects.

* Where a 1-to-Many relationship exists between related objects, we do not recommend mapping fields.  Learn more here.

Important Functionality Notes

Object Important Notes
  • Eventbrite is a read-only system and MUST be the system where data originates.  The API does not permit any writing to the Eventbrite database.  This means that when you are pairing it with a webinar system, you will need to either 1) create the webinar in Eventbrite and transfer it to the webinar system or 2) create the event manually in both systems. 
  • Created Date is the field used to deduplicate with the other systems "Occurred At" activity field
  • When an individual registers for an event in Eventbrite, Bedrock will 1) create a contact if one does not already exist and 2) add the registration to the contact as an activity on the contact record.

Now that you know what type of data you can sync, time to start mapping your fields.  Click here to learn how to get started on mapping your data.

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