How to Reset Your Sync and Start from Scratch with Your Bedrock Data

Occasionally, the Bedrock sync may need to be reset to clear out the Bedrock database that is storing all of your data for the systems you have integrated.  A common use case for this feature would be if there has been corrupt data that came in from one of your systems (ie. duplicates) and this bad data, is causing conflicts when trying to make changes to your contacts. When this happens, follow these steps to reset your Bedrock sync and clear out the historical data. 

  1. First, turn off your sync.
  2. From here you may need to adjust things in your external system, such as deleting or merging duplicates.
  3. Then turn the sync back on to get the screen showing you the two options for the types of syncs you wish to run ( learn more about the sync types here). During the reset, these options will allow you to sync all data across your systems, or to simply reset the cache and continue on a go-forward basis.
  4. After selecting what sync type to perform, click on Advanced and check the box that says Reset Sync. 
  5. Then click on Start. 

This will initiate the reset process. This process can take some time to process, so expect delays in your data syncing. The sync will first it will clear out your Bedrock database. The next step of the process Bedrock re-indexes all of your data from your Connectors. Resets can take a bit of time to perform so it will most likely take as long to perform this sync as the first time Bedrock was turned on. You know that this reset is complete once you see the checkmark on your Bedrock dashboard. 

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