I Just Turned on My Sync but I'm Not Seeing Any Data Yet

If you are a brand new customer and you have gotten to the point of your setup where you have turned on your sync, here is what is going on with this initial sync process. 

Depending on which type of sync you selected ( learn more about the options here), the initial sync can take some time to perform. The length is dependent upon the systems you have integrated (some systems are slower then others) and also the number of records you have in each system. 

What Bedrock is doing when you first turn on the sync is we are indexing every and all records in your individual systems. We do this so that we can "normalize" the data for each record inside of Bedrock and therefore we are creating a baseline version within the Bedrock database. This does not mean that we are going to be syncing data between the systems during this process. Only if you selected the Sync All Records option will we also sync data between the systems during this initial process. 

You will know that your initial sync is complete when you start to see on your Bedrock Dashboard that you have had some successful syncs. 

Once the initial sync is complete, you can start to test the integration. Learn more about how to trigger a sync for a contact in order to troubleshoot

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