What Intercom.io Data Can Be Synced?

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What Objects and Actions Are Supported?

Object Bedrock Object Name Permissions Custom Field Support Relationships* Required Fields**
Users Contact Read / Update No Company
Company Company Read No User

Conversations Tickets Read No User

* Relationships can be used to map fields from related Objects.  Learn more about how to map fields from related Objects.

* Where a 1-to-Many relationship exists between related objects, we do not recommend mapping fields.  Learn more here.

** Required fields must be mapped in Bedrock in order for records to sync as expected.  Learn more about how to best manage required fields here.

Important Functionality Notes

Object Important Notes
  • Tags and Segments are treated as Multi-Select Fields and can only be mapped to a corresponding Multi-Select Field in the other system(s). These fields are also Read-Only. 
  • Some fields in Intercom have different names in the UI then what you will see displayed in the Bedrock Field Mapping drop-down. Some common examples are First Seen and Last Seen fields. 
  • Only Closed Conversations will sync to the other system
  • You can only pass Conversatons over to another system, you can't Create them through the integration

Now that you know what type of data you can sync, time to start mapping your fields.  Click here to learn how to get started on mapping your data.

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