Overview of Transactions Report

Early Access Only - This feature is currently available to customers who have signed up for the Early Access Program. To request access, fill out the following request form

Notes for Early Access users on this Feature: 

  • You can not currently set a date range for the report and by default it will download the last 24 hours of sync activity
  • Currently we are only displaying syncing activity for Contact and Company type records
  • Sync Errors are a work in progress so you may find some of the errors displayed in this report and in some cases they may be missing
  • Missing Fields is a 6th type of Sync Status that we plan on adding into this report that will help show when a record that is trying to create from one system to another but can't because it doesn't have specific required fields to create that record. This is most common when syncing a record into a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics or Netsuite as often administrators for these systems will require specific fields be populated before creating a record. 

Once you are given access to this new tool, you will see a new section on your Dashboard that called Transaction Report and a button to Generate. 

Once you click on Generate, it will immediately begin to build the report to download. Currently we are pulling out the last 24 hours of sync activity. 

Depending on how much activity you have in the last 24 hours, this may take any where from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.

Once it finishes, a button will appear that lets you Download the report to your computer. 

Here is what this report looks like: 

Here are the details of what each column contains: 

Originating System: Where did the record come in from that triggered this sync activity

Object type: The name of the object from the originating system 

Record ID: The ID of that record from the originating system

Bedrock Type: Similar to Object Type only this refers to specifically the type of Mapping in Bedrock that the record is related to (i.e. Contact, Company, Opportunity, etc)

Unique Identifier: This is a field (or fields) used for the deduplication process within the Bedrock sync for the record that is syncing. For contacts this is the primary Email Address field and for companies this is the official Company Name field. 

Results: Some specific information about the results of the syncing activity for this record

Synced To: If there was an Update or Create that took place, that record will be displayed here and the formatting is as followed 'SYSTEM'/'Object Type'/'Record ID' 

Sync Status: There are a few different Sync Statuses that we are displaying in this report. Here is the list along with a brief description: 

  1. Workflow - If the record doesn't pass any of your Workflows, this Status will show
  2. Duplicate - If the record gets flagged as being part of a set of duplicates within a given system, it will show this status and means the record can't sync until the duplicates have been cleaned up within the given system. 
  3. No Change - If there are no changes to any of the fields you have mapped in Bedrock, then the record won't sync since there is nothing of value to be synced
  4. Success - If the record passes a Workflow, it will either Update an existing record or Create a new one in the other system(s). The Results column will explain if it was an Update or Create. 
  5. Sync Errors - If the record passes a Workflow and it attempts to either Update or Create a record in the other system(s) but receives an error back from that system, this status will appear

Timestamp: The date of this sync activity for this record

Details: Any more details that may be relevant to this sync activity. For example, if there was a Sync Error, what are the details of that error we received back from the system.

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