Syncing to Sugar Select-type Fields Must Include Item Name

When you are syncing select-type field data from another system to Sugar, you need to ensure that the 'item name' that is set over in Sugar is included in the writing process. Here's an overview of how you can set this up when syncing between HubSpot and Sugar. 

Confirm Item Name Values in Sugar

When you are editing your fields in Sugar and the field is a dropdown field, you can edit the options in this field and here you'll find the 'item name'. 

Take note of these values so you can use them when setting up your field in HubSpot. 

Setup Field in HubSpot 

When you are editing a select-type field in HubSpot, you will find that there is a column for the Label and one for the Internal Value. You want to make sure that the Label includes the same value as the Item Name that lives over in Sugar.  

Map Fields in Bedrock 

Now that the options are aligned in both systems, you can map in Bedrock with confidence that each value will sync over to Sugar from HubSpot and display in Sugar as expected. For steps on adding a new field to your mapping,  check out this help article

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