Limiting Data Objects In Your Integration

Bedrock Data supports a large number of different data objects in each of our connectors.  However, you may not be interested in syncing a particular data type if it's not necessary for your business functions.  For example, while we can access and sync activity and note records in many systems, you may not need to transfer your notes from your sales CRM to your marketing database.  Removing these unneeded objects from your sync can help optimize your sync performance by lowering the number of records the integration needs to index and process.

Bedrock Data offers a feature that permits a Bedrock Data Support team member to determine which objects will be included in your sync.  During your configuration, please let your integration specialist know if there are objects that are not relevant to your integration goals.  We can easily exclude these objects from your integration.  If you've already been configured and sync is running, please reach out to our support team at for assistance with this matter. 

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