Respecting Partner API Limits

Some of our connector partners limit the number of API calls that you can make in an hour or a day.  This limit applies to all apps and add-ons installed in that application.  Typically, when you hit the API limit, all apps are cut off from making any additional calls during that time frame and may stop working as a result.

Bedrock Data takes these limits into accounts for our connector partners.  This helps prevents our system from consuming too many API calls and potentially interfering with your other business tools.

If you are nearing the standard API limit for your connector, Bedrock will pause your record sync for the remainder of the day.  We will resume syncing your records where we left off when the timeframe resets, typically near midnight.

System API Calls Per
Zoho (Professional)
10,000 Day
Marketo   10,000 Day
15,000 Day
40,000 Day

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